We now have flag colors in metallic fabric such as; black, deep red, mocha, burgundy and deep purple.

Our purpose through the use of flags is to lift up God the Father. They have been specifically designed for worship and are flown in pairs to show agreement. The colors are based on scriptural interpretation in regards to worship. Their approx. size is 36”x 42” and created from lame’ or other flowing material.

All flags have their handles sewn into a rod pocket. [rod included with each flag] Prices may vary depending on the fabric’s used. The image shown just above on the right is our array of flag colors [click on image for larger view] and they start at just $15 each.

Hand-dyed Silk Flags

God has opened a door for me to have available hand-dyed silk flags. Each flag below is mounted on a side handle for a free-flow in worship and is priced at $50 each. The approx. size of each silk flag is 29" x 42" size may very slightly.

["The process of hand dying is an art. No two silks of the same pattern are exact, the weather is a huge contributor to the dying process, if you see a slight streaking in your flag know the uniqueness of the craft will not always produce a streak free product." ]

Hand-dyed Silk Worship Flag - The AnointingHand-dyed Silk Worship Flag - FireHand-dyed Silk Worship Flag - River
Hand dyed silk worship flag The Anointing, God's anointing poured forth. Mounted on a side handle.
Price $50.00
Hand dyed silk flag representing the Fire of the Holy Spirit mounted on a side handle.
Price $50.00
Hand dyed silk flag representing the River of God mounted on a side handle.
Price $50.00
Hand-dyed Silk Worship Flag - Freedom
Hand dyed silk Freedom flag, rainbow colors representing God's promises. The word Freedom hand painted in Gold. Mounted on a side handle.
Price $50.00
Lion of Judah purple flag
Hand dyed silk Lion of Judah flag, hand painted on purple silk. Mounted on a side handle.
Price $50.00
Hand-dyed Silk Worship Flag - Fire
Hand dyed silk large Fire flag, is 6 ft long on a 10 ft extension pole. Pole is included in the price. view full size photo.
Price $100.00
Holiness white flag
Hand dyed silk Holiness flag, hand painted. Spelled out in Hebrew - Holiness Unto The Lord. Mounted on a side handle.
Price $50.00
Camouflage flag
Hand dyed silk Camouflage flag. this design represents 'warfare' & can be used with other warfare colors. Mounted on a side handle.
Price $50.00
Copper Lame' flag
Copper Lame' flag. this flag color is so brilliant that when in the sun it looks like fire!
Price $15.00
Black Lame' flag
Black Lame' flag. This flag color represents warfare and can be used with the Camouflage or Copper Lame' Flags
Price $15.00
Children's Flags

Many colors available in Childrens Flags
We also make children’s flags. They are smaller in size (approx. 20”x 20”) to accommodate littler hands, and all come with ribbon loops for hanging. Material used for children’s flags is heavier then Lame’ for durability. Each flag has a handle inserted in a rod pocket in the flag then sewn shut.
Pricing for the children's flags is 1 for $6.00 or 2 for $10.00.

Flag Bags

Your choice of color blue or purple-Flag Bag

Nylon flag bags with shoulder straps in purple or blue. Each flag bag stores up to 6 worship flags sized 36" long. If you need a specific size bag for your flags let us know.
Price $15.00

And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself. - John 12:32

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